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Postby macmarty » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:53 am

Thanks for the photos, Nicholas, they are a great help.

@Sandstone 2, I think I have just had my own AHA moment on the stringing. Hopefully Nicholas will correct me if I'm wrong. The essence is that you need to tie off the left-side strings to the left-side tuning peg, and the right-side strings to the right-side tuning peg. The MAGIC is in the way you wind the strings around each peg.

Terminology first. There are two separate strings attached to the gantry, and a stepper for each. Let's call one string GREEN, and the other string RED. (Paint the imaginary steppers to match.) Grab the center of each string, and then wrap a few turns (I did 8) of each string around its own pulley, leaving a long tail hanging off each side. (Stated another way, we want to wrap the CENTER of the string around the pulley - not an END.

Route the strings around all all of the appropriate bearings. You will end up with the four tail ends resting near the effector.

Take one Red end, wrap it clockwise (CW) for four turns around a tuning peg, and then shove the loose end through the peg hole. Tie the Green string (from that same side) to the Red end with a nice square not, as close to the peg as possible. Cut off the remainder of Red-Green tail, and if you are dextrous, position that knot INSIDE the peg hole. Take the Green string, and wrap it another four turns CW. Congratulations, you have now completed the "leveling" peg. When you turn the handle, it will tighten one string and feed corresponding slack off the other side.

OK, now grab the remaining red-green pair, the ones that are on the far side of the stepper motor. Fiddle all of the slack out of the lines and pulleys. If you're like me, things will fall off once or twice, but eventually you'll get there. About an inch BEFORE the strings reach the tuning peg, tie the pair together with another square knot. DON'T cut off the remainder yet. Instead, shove that remainder (both colors) through the peg hole. Leave enough slack so that you can proceed to turn the peg handle and tighten string-pair for three or four turns. Again, congratulations, you have now completed the "tensioning" peg. When you turn the peg handle CW, you tighten both strings at once. When you turn that peg handle CCW, you loosen both.
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Re: CoreXZ Build

Postby macmarty » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:26 pm

Hello, Nicholas! It has been a while since we have heard from you. (I recall that you had a new baby in the family, that always takes [Max+1] amount of time for a while.

In an earlier post, you mentioned that you had made 2 design iterations for the CoreXZ you developed for the use of your lucky students. Can you please share any details? ("Can we play, too??")
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Re: CoreXZ Build

Postby Nicholas Seward » Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:43 pm

I never put the finishing touches on them. However, I can probably dig something up if you have a target in mind. What are you specs and goals for the machine?
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