Build in Black

Build in Black

Postby Obsidian » Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:49 am

Hey guys,

Long time listener, first time caller.

I had just written a much more detailed forum post but, unfortunately, it got eaten by the internet so here is the abridged version!

Printer is almost complete. 10mm Aluminium plates for top and bottom, 3mm Aluminium for build plate. Will be polished up to a mirror finish and printed directly onto. Headed bed sandwiched between the top plate and build plate. No hot end yet, waiting on a local wizard to make me his special (for free!) when he gets back from overseas. Will be printing mostly in PLA, maybe some other niche materials.

IMG_20141124_130925.jpg (3.12 MiB) Viewed 10830 times

Please ignore the massive mess of cable. It will be fixed when the hot end is installed.

Have run into some snags, as I expected when it came to the software part.

Running a RAMPS 1.4 with Taurino Power board. Went with 24v setup for no specific reason.

Most of the posts here talk about Repetier-Host for the firmware, Pronterface and Slic3r for the controlling software. I've started working on that part and have hit some snags. Not directly asking for help yet but I'm sure it will come!

(axis arbitrarily labelled for ease of trouble-shooting)

Currently the X axis is tracking beautifully. Up until it hits the endstop, down until the spool is completely unthreaded. Y axis stops at the endstop but struggles at different points along it's movement path. Not sure whether the motor needs more juice, whether there's too much tension in the thread (or too little) or something else is amiss.

The Z is where the real problem is. I cannot seem to make it behave the same as the other two axis. It moves, and it actually moves pretty well (somewhere between X and Y) but no matter what changes I make to the firmware it's still convinced it's a Z axis and not just another stepper motor. 10 steps on that motor happens excruciatingly slowly.

As far as I can tell my configuration.h file matches Nicholas' in viewtopic.php?f=6&t=97 almost exactly. I've also read through all of the other .h files to see if I'm missing something, and played with Pronterface a bit, but cannot seem to figure out where the problem lies.

I haven't begun calibration yet because I don't see the point until all three arms move correctly. Please advise me if that's the wrong way to look at it and whether calibration would likely fix some/all of the issues I'm experiencing.

If any advice is available, I would greatly appreciate some nudging in the right direction of either:

Forum posts I've missed
Something I'm ignorant of
Fixes for similar issues others have had

Looking forward to getting this bad boy up and running.
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Re: Build in Black

Postby Nicholas Seward » Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:07 am


The host software may be limiting your z speed. Check your software settings for your host software.
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