Python Conversion SW

Python Conversion SW

Postby Cozmicray » Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:13 pm

My max table height is 120mm
Calibrated Z-axis, 0 table at bottom, thread under tension +Z is up
Can't figure out why it is different from your build?

Your python program sets table start at 151.
If I change the 151 in the python code in wally to 120
I get errors and no output generated

I am using the 05mm-thin-wall.stl calibration item as input (20x20x10 hollow cube 1 layer wall)
Using Slic3r with your Slic3r.ini file (Slic3r.Wally_0.3.ini)
The slic3r.ini when loaded doesn't seem to populate all the configuration settings?

With my extruder extender and Bed build-up I'll never be able to
use max table height of 151, so I need a fix

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