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Squirrel Torture

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:46 pm
by Nicholas Seward
As many of you know, I like squirrels. As a result all of my first prints are of squirrels. Many of the community now view the squirrel as the official first test object of my printers. I should have thought this through a bit more because I am now responsible for many horrific squirrel manglings. I thought it would be fun to share with you a picture of most of my "successful" squirrels. For every one that is on my mantle there are 3-4 squirrel butts in my recycle bin.


torture.jpg (1001.32 KiB) Viewed 55383 times

The clear one on the extreme left was my first print ever on my Printrbot. It is hard to fathom how much I have learned since then. There are so many tips and tricks involved in getting good prints.