meet Lander, the multi-configuration 3d printer

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Postby realthor » Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:21 pm

Hello everybody, just wanted to give a small update so that this thread doesn't appear dead. I am slowly advancing in my design but my time/skills/fabrication and quick iteration capabilities are very limited so this can take a long time to completion:).

Here is a video of the first moves of the prototype. I am currently doing a redesign of the couplers, threaded rod will be filed and set screws will be used also I have to keep it from falling down with time/vibrations.

Right now the Humerus and elbow threaded rod is 8mm variety which is actually 7.8 and has play with the 608 bearings I will have to use a shim or another clever idea. I have something in mind will report if successful.

I am redesigning a few other bits including the lower middle clamp in order to have it perform some drawing tests. After this I will re-print almost all of it with everything that went wrong replaced/improved and that one should be able to print. Still no Z, I am working to have the SCARA part done, maybe use it as a laser cutter until Z is ready :)

For the plotter test I am building a wooden frame with hinges and adjustable feet to be able to move it and put it on a large table where I can have a peper taped to the surface and work on the calibration/observation and software settings because right now I believe some of the functions are reversed and it is not "drawing" the exact thing that the G-code intends.

So, the link: Scara RepRap Lander First Moves
reprap Lander concept on Concept Forge
reprap Lander concept on RepRap Forums
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