CoreXZ Firmware/Preprocessor

CoreXZ Firmware/Preprocessor

Postby Matt Michalka » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:39 pm

Is there a python script to process the gcode for the XZ setup or firmware that does it on the fly? Also, what are your firmware settings (the stuff stored in the eeprom)? If you happen to have the old settings before you added all the extra bearings, I would appreciate that as well.
Matt Michalka
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Re: CoreXZ Firmware/Preprocessor

Postby Nicholas Seward » Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:31 pm

Repetier has support for a 1:1 CoreXZ but I have never tested it.,392590

I have hacked together a version of Marlin that has the 3:1 reduction on the Z with no end stop support.

I also have a preprocessor for the 1:1 machine on my GitHub. ... TO%20FILES)/GCODE%20PREPROCESSOR/

eeprom: I start with conservative values and then increase them until I have failure and then divide by 2.
Nicholas Seward
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