Alternate large-format parts

Alternate large-format parts

Postby Jason Fisher » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:53 am

I am digging around for lower cost alternatives to the Roton screws at 6' lengths (~5' in use?). My goal is a half-cost option that sacrifices speed primarily, and quality secondarily, for a use case that include larger nozzle diameters and post-print clean-up (vapor/sand/paint).

Then you can build two large LISAs. ;)

I am using this thread to store notes/findings as I go ..


DumpsterCNC anti-backlash Acme Assembly @ $35x3 = $105: ... ucts_id=36{15}46

Above recommended for use with this 1/2"-10 5 start 6' ACME screw @ $67x3 = $201:

425oz-in steppers @ $50x3 = $150:

Aluminum tubing for supports? What would be an appropriate size? Square or round? ~$40x3 = $120 ... ng/=pzlmg7

Polycarbonate tubing is available and relatively inexpensive. For arms or supports?

Running total: ~$1200+?



- Smaller variation of the Web4Deb extruder:
- Smaller diameter auger bit and pipe - 1/2" instead of 3/4"?
- Stubby auger - ... ubby+auger
- Improve thermal barriers
- Pipe fitting for final reduction to 1/4" - 5/
- Final ends/tips thread off of 1/4" adapter
- Extruder priming/drip area outside of normal build zone?
- Amazon black steel pipe options - $5 for 5" of 1/2" pipe - ... g+1%2F2%22
- Remove/swap out $5 pipe barrels quickly in case of jam/material change?


G650 controller? ... /g540.html ... nting.html

Mach3 can drive extruders - $175:

Stand-alone extruder controllers:

Sanguino to Stepper Breakouts: ... ersion-2-0

Zero backlash coupler: ... p-223.html

Anti-backlash nuts, collars, zero backlash couplers, clamps, shaft adapters: ... 46_40.html

Ball bearings:

Motors and controllers:

ACME Thread Guides: ... dforms.pdf
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Re: Alternate large-format parts

Postby fidlerro » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:10 pm

I am building a larger version of the LISA also and I am a complete novice at this.

Looking to purchase stepper motors but an not sure what I am looking for?

I am building a 2 foot and 5 foot version of the LISA and am assuming the weight of the lead screw at different lengths will require a stepper motor that has more torque which requires more power and different stepper drivers.

I have seen a few posts around this topic but have a question about the differences between dual shaft and single shaft (other than the obvious answer of, "it has an additional shaft coming out the other side").

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: Alternate large-format parts

Postby Nicholas Seward » Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:40 pm

Dual or single shafted steppers should work great. Also depending on the pitch of the lead screw you can probably go pretty big with a normal nema17. It all depends on the design goals.
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Re: Alternate large-format parts

Postby fidlerro » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:17 pm

Design Goals:
    1. Follow the original LISA design as close as possible
    2. Use the same lead screw but find a cheaper version of it
    3. Use the same firmware and slicer to keep implementation as simple as possible (if needed update firmware with custom code)
    4. Detail/Quality is key, 5 foot construction will be used to print electric guitar bodies
    5. Speed of printing is a second to Detail/Quality of print
    6. Make frame and assembly as simple as possible (even a 10 year old could do it)
    7. Print as many parts as possible (frame included)
    8. Custom aluminum heatbed to meet custom design surface
    9. Resizing Goals (quick resizing with as few modifications to design as possible):
      a. Adjustment to the vertical and horizontal aluminium 1" square tubing to gain desired print area
      b. Adjustment print arm size (arm from shoulder joint to wrist joint)
      c. Adjustment custom aluminum heatbed (change dimensions and number of heat resistors)
      d. Adjustment stepper motors based on length/weight of lead screw(stepper driver will be specific to stepper motor)
      e. Adjustment power supply to match power consumption.

Can the dual shaft be removed? I am asking because of the space needed for the stepper motor would need to account for the additional shaft. Honestly, I still have no clue on what it's used for and would like to remove it but the cost of a dual shaft motor is cheaper than the single shaft (another confusing part of this).

Thanks again for any and all advice given,
Robert Fidler, Springfield, Missouri
Robert Fidler
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Re: Alternate large-format parts

Postby Nicholas Seward » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:18 am

My suggestion would be to design around the dual shafts. In the original LISA design you would just have to drill a hole to have somewhere for the shaft to poke.

Disclaimer: As far as I know there are only two LISA in existence. Mine which gets pretty good results but there are some artifacts from wobbly screws and another one that isn't getting dimensional prints. I did LISA as a discussion piece more than a serious design so just know you will have a hard road to go with a LISA design.

All that said. It sounds like a cool project.
Nicholas Seward
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