Danny's Build

Danny's Build

Postby dannydefe » Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:25 pm

My build will be similar to what Nicholas has drawn up however I anticipate using more composite components. Here is my conceptual drawing, let's see how close I come on the finished product.

Specifically the side support structure will be carbon fiber sandwich infusion construction. If the initial build is successful I'll probably go back and build finish tooling for the part.

Here is my first impressions of the 7/16 screw. They look really good and are substantially stiffer than the 3/8 screws by many factors


Here's an update on the screws and the plating process. I was a little disappointed that one of the shipments from Roton (the screws) had some minor surface rust so they needed more work prior to plating process. I initially had to start out and wire brush and polish them.

This tank set up is specifically for the screws, the first tank is cleaner the second tank copper alkaline solution (blue), in the third tank is nickel (green).ImageImage

Although you can build up dimensions with copper, the copper alkaline solution doesn't really build thickness so it's primarily for preparation for the nickel.

The nickel tank theoretically can build thickness but I'm not quite sure how much we need to . The nuts for the screws we bought seems to have a small amount of backlash which we could eliminate by building nickel.

The good thing about the nickel tank is we can always go back and build more so for now I'm just doing it for protective coating.ImageImage

Okay, I finally was able to get my big Delta to print accurately and started printing the parts.ImageImage
I posted a video of some of the first rough moves on my build.
It's just barely assembled, a lot of the components are loose. qNow I have to sit down and work out the tuning and geometry measurements properly. I think the 7/16 screws are really going to do a great job, they really seem quite stiff.[url]https://plus.google.com/photos/115669878223578382437/albums/5959879119354799361?authkey=CKKs54bp2ZzTbg
Before getting into more details of my build, I want to explain exactly what I'm doing.
I believe in rapid and multiple prototyping, that basically means that the first several prototypes are rough and the finish work is left for the next or the final generation.
What I'm trying to do with the bearing screw attachment is just the first variant floating in my head. The screws are held captive by pressfit and JB Weld in the aluminum. The bearing is pressfit from underneath and still needs retaining of some kind. The split collar holds the screws from raising up, and also there's a small hole for the Allen screw to attach the stepper motor shaft. I was thinking of some type of motor mount but I was concerned about sound transfer so I came up with this floating assembly which has the blue silicone rubber resting on the frame.
The top bearing assemblies are not finished yet ,I have temporary nylon sleeves just for testing, not quite sure what I'm going to do.

Sign me up for the first print club. It took me a while to learn Python and the procedure for converting the code, But actually it's quite simple. I'll try to make a video of the whole procedure to help out others.
Initially I had problems with the printer cupping similar to the deltas but I believe it was just a corrupt configuration -H file .
I'm hoping after several other builds are completed we can start working on additional coding for the end stops and more.
The 7/16 screws are quite stable ,however I do notice a little bit of backlash which I have to control somehow.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fPubSZAQFM&feature=youtu.be

After redesigning the arm to function in line instead of offset, I printed one part for testing as you can see in the photo. Everything seems to function normally and when I have time I will print the other two. I've also cleaned up a little bit of the wiring and placed the ramps board underneath, although not ideal it's good enough for now.ImageImageImage
I'm very pleased with the rigidity of the corner composite pieces, although doing these in extruded aluminum would also be very interesting.

So far the only down point I can see is the excessive play in the screw nuts. We need to come up with a way of manufacturing these ourselves as they are quite expensive. The tolerance doesn't seem to be as tight as it should be.
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Re: Danny's Build

Postby owens-bill » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:26 pm

Wow, that looks sharp with the nickel plating. And the printed parts look like they came out just right. Nice choice of color, that's what our (yet to be assembled) Wally looks like ;)
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